Vinegar…God’s Gift to Us

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Another of the amazing commodities our Creator has given to us is the unparalleled benefits of vinegar!

Many researches have proven the medicinal benefits as well as the clinical attributes of vinegar.  Throughout my years growing up, Mama would always talk about the small inexpensive ways her mother and her mother before her, used for their homes and simple health prevention.

It is said that a spoon of vinegar a day keeps the dark clouds of age away.  

Oh, my! Let me list the many ways I have used this “smelly” product around my house.

  • the perfect glass surface cleaner  HANDS DOWN!
  • the amazing fungal attacker…fungus on your toes? just soak in vinegar for 15 min/day for 4 days
  • have strange bugs in the garden?  spray vinegar and watch them scurry off to another place, but NOT YOUR YARD!
  • amazing saute ingredient that will add a rich flavor to any dish
  • taking a spoon of vinegar in a glass every morning aids in digestion as well as skin impurities
  • facial astringent for acne and blemishes

Written by:  Shawna R. Strickland



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